Thursday, January 26, 2012

Remembrance-A passing phase

On lovely mornings,
With prayers and temple bells
and birds chirping as wake up call
...I remember you!

On lonely afternoons,
when the sun prepares its downfall
and the birds return home
....I remember you!

On lazy evenings,
Listening to our favorite songs,
With a cup of our favorite coffee
...I remember you!

On chilling nights,
with no one around
Just the twinkling stars as company
I wear a warm blanket of your love & care...
And yet again...

I remember you...!!!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Innocence Doomed

You too Brute!!!
Innocence called out,
Heart thou art a treacherer!

The childish whims stabbed,
Smiles fade out,
It's murder! It's murder for sure!

Thou ruled high...
I warned for a denied..
Oh, what change?
It's difficult, it's painful..
Yet I promise, I tried...

Shackles appeared,
Last rites readily get done
Thrown into the hell of fire
An abysmal world begun.

A childish grin,
An endless fall...

It's alrite, he thought
...I never belonged here...
It was meant to be after all....

Friday, June 17, 2011

Ravings on Foolery

Welcome, to the world of emotional foolery
World of heart’s rules-
vulnerable words
As hope the living clue.

Twisted by prudes
Fading, slightly and slowly is
the virgin truth!
Heart beats
(ah! my living clue).

Here he comes…
False, false, false-
And yet so true
Alas! the remaining clue of my life.

Gosh! I cry out aloud…

So caught me…

And no one is spared.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Songs of Solitude- An Epilogue

Long journeys call out... Dusks count a few orphan stars travelling across the cloudy roads, the wind caressed the tired face singing songs for the lonely heart..the shadowy trees across the orchard paint the perfect canvas of nature....and far away lights gathering sighs of relief from every passerby across the unknown feels strange to stand still and feel it all on a silent moonless's not an outstanding scenery to cherish ...yet all of it made sense and a sudden calmness came over. Perhaps a moonlit night could have made a better poet or a better poetry....I wished to be none...for it was just the conglomeration of thoughts tied along...still something in me sought to rebel...a bit of scribbling and a desperate attempt to correlate every bit of thought together..for it longed to capture only this moment....whether it deserved this attention or not...For it strived to come alive and understand God's best laid plans...whether it is possible or not!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Songs of Solitude

Unanswered answers
rock against walls within...
The loneliness
of the soul deciphers cyphers
Wandering within layers of the world so eerie

Dead sound of a vacant house
Penetrates the terrace
...holding the cloudy sky in its eyes
and a strange feeling wraps
the night as a glimmering momento..

The sky naked with stars
Let blackened clouds
Cling to its stretched arms
the uncanny elements stood
motionless on the cosmic proscenium

The poet's dream..
.....born in paradise twinkles for a second
to prepare itself for its second death....

Monday, April 4, 2011

Ethics in Social Media : It's High Time to Care!

Blame me and only me for not posting quite so often...!:P

But very honestly now it is not anything and everything that really inspires me for a blogpost (P.S It is not an excuse honestly)...but yes when it does nobody on earth can stop me from scribbling whatever I feel...

However unlike my other post, this time it is something very serious that I would like to talk is “ The Ethics of Social Media” or putting it the other way round the unethical utilization of social media in the web world that stirs me!

Well, with due respect to Social Media, there are some things we all need to realize: IT IS NOT A GAME....NOT A WAR...SO WHY NOT KEEP THINGS FAIR....To pririotize my need of writing this post further I would like to inform that today there was a Twitter Spam attack on my profile...@nabanita_roy and many of my twitter friends as well which literary enhanced my sense of social responsibility being a blogger....Special thanks to one of my close pal @anamus who brought this virus to my notice and could revoke the link immediately without much damage! :O

A range of automated tweets to follow a link had flown through my ID to my tweet followers! What the hell!! ( was my first reaction, second was to report it...the journalist in me still being alive!:P)

140 characters were not enough to say it all....this is all i could:
“ Its hurting 2 see d unethical utilization f social media..Its only a selective few who spoil d picture altogether..!!#socialmedia"

However this is just one story that filled me with disgust about the way social media is being handled...It is just a handful of rotten apples that spoil the whole basket as I always say...I remember having a debate over it just a few days back with some of my friends from Social Media...ending it saying that its not the platform but the people who are to be blamed....

I am sure most of know the tricks and the tales..( fake profiles, fake comments, fake links)..but the point is do we really need it...

“Social Networking is all about making real connections”...I remember Seth Godin declaring in one of his interviews. So why to paint the black label and do things that seem crappy when the world can be a better place.

Think of it and post your views ! (P.S Spammers don't take the pain :P)

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Content writing: What's the Style?

Content writers often suffer from a dilemna in answering a question:
‘ What exactly is the style of content writing? What do you people write and how?’
Answering that there are some things that needs to be cleared out:
The truth is, Content writing actually has NO STYLE ( unless you are a web evangelist like Seth Godin whose two liners are enough to create a stir)!

In the world of content writing once you get a ‘style’ you are not eligible for content writing anymore. Content writing as it is often mistaken is not the same as writing for a newspaper or magazine that follows a style book with a proper introduction, body and conclusion. Content writing has its own glory of style-less-ness as many prefer to call it and that is what makes it different.

Style in content writing is not pronounced or dictated. Rather it is what the writers make out of it. The presentation differs distinctly from one writer to another and the fun lies in the fact that is even if both write on the same topic it is bound to have different appeals. Its a study where the style can be moulded according to the matter.

So the point is where can you exactly draw a line?
NOWHERE! No, lets cut out the No this time. The line where you can actually draw a line is the arena or the sector of your work. Example:
1. Finance
2. Education
3. Medical
4. Technical
5. Social media, to name a few.

The content along with the style changes as you shift from one domain to the next. Writing for Financial law firm is distinctly different from writing for a Social media site, content writing being the only common static factor. In between there are many elements that directly or indirectly effect the style of a particular content:

• The domain for which the content is written.
• Identification of the target readers
• The use of words.
• Manner of presentation(paragraphs, connecting lines, relative quotes)
• The apt body with some intriguing facts and figures to hold the attention of the readers till the end.
• Sticking to the point and explaining with clarity of thoughts and expressions.
• Conclusion which clarifies all the doubts and answers all the questions that the content speaks about.

No matter what you write the basic thing is to present it clear and well. If you are planning to enrich your readers with some information make sure that you express it well. It is not the style but the content that needs to be focused on. Try out the Crisp, Clear, Complete formula to produce an engaging content. I am sure it will work!

Friday, January 14, 2011

For you...

Love is a fearless expression
A mingle of heart and soul
I had often heard
But couldn’t say it ever
That you are the one I wanted it all.

In moments of despair and pain your thoughts had been like a soothing balm
During thunder and rain your care reembarked a solemn calm.

I have been through it all
Though laughs and cries,
Through waits and longings
Through long nights and neverending days
Through heavy losses and no gains
Through failures with no hopes
Through miles with no roads

But I dared not to give up
For you were like a star guiding me all through
With sweet words and and a humble support
You helped dreams come true

You said: You chose me as your soul...
And that my love said it all!

Monday, January 10, 2011

Undefined thoughts...

A solitary night of dreams and memories... a freaky temperament engulfs the air...words seem just a callous presentation of’s not the heart but the mind that is at war...what's gone cannot be undone, what's lost cannot be regained, what's said cannot be rechanged, what's shot cannot be given a second what is it that takes away the breath of peaceful solemnity and changes it to unforgiving numbness?...uncountable memories pass by leaving behind scratches of pain and laughter...darkness prevails...some artificial lights try breaking in the silence by their bleak appearance...Fails!

Somewhere a soft music flows...a child's cry, a soft laugh, and a romantic number...a stir in the senses...a lost world is not the’s not the end till realized...the pangs cannot bite deeply till recognized...uncertain fates...unknown faces, untold stories, unwanted miseries and some unbelievable happiness...a strange recollection follows...few reminiscence of silent history...

It’s a battle lost and’s a song sung and unsung...changes are bound to matter what it matter where it gets...

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Social Networking or Social Not-Working?

What's being social? ....A cool hangout with friends, a family get together, attending some social functions....! Well, If you ask a few freaks (it includes me too :P) who are somehow in love with social networking there is a different story to relate altogether!

Did you ever get a facebook message from your mum that reads ' what will you have for your dinner'? No!!! Great...Then you are on the right track pal....but if fortunately or unfortunately something close has happened then a quick alarm- you are in the grasp of the 'Social Not- Working Virus'.

Wondering what's that? Its actually a 'social networking spree' where you hop from one social network to another increasing the number of friends, commenting on posts, tweeting recent updates, bla bla... the end result..? you end up with innumerable number of friends, retweets on your post, or 'like' on your links but..but...but with a complete blockage from the world outside your computer screen.

The hangout may go for a toss and your friends might look forward to posting some hot words on wall, or the relatives who have almost forgotten how you looked may just log in to some to catch a glimpse ?

If social networking has turned to social not-working....its time to look for a cure...

But the question is how?.....looking forward to some great ideas!!!

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