Monday, June 13, 2011

Songs of Solitude- An Epilogue

Long journeys call out... Dusks count a few orphan stars travelling across the cloudy roads, the wind caressed the tired face singing songs for the lonely heart..the shadowy trees across the orchard paint the perfect canvas of nature....and far away lights gathering sighs of relief from every passerby across the unknown feels strange to stand still and feel it all on a silent moonless's not an outstanding scenery to cherish ...yet all of it made sense and a sudden calmness came over. Perhaps a moonlit night could have made a better poet or a better poetry....I wished to be none...for it was just the conglomeration of thoughts tied along...still something in me sought to rebel...a bit of scribbling and a desperate attempt to correlate every bit of thought together..for it longed to capture only this moment....whether it deserved this attention or not...For it strived to come alive and understand God's best laid plans...whether it is possible or not!

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