Monday, April 4, 2011

Ethics in Social Media : It's High Time to Care!

Blame me and only me for not posting quite so often...!:P

But very honestly now it is not anything and everything that really inspires me for a blogpost (P.S It is not an excuse honestly)...but yes when it does nobody on earth can stop me from scribbling whatever I feel...

However unlike my other post, this time it is something very serious that I would like to talk is “ The Ethics of Social Media” or putting it the other way round the unethical utilization of social media in the web world that stirs me!

Well, with due respect to Social Media, there are some things we all need to realize: IT IS NOT A GAME....NOT A WAR...SO WHY NOT KEEP THINGS FAIR....To pririotize my need of writing this post further I would like to inform that today there was a Twitter Spam attack on my profile...@nabanita_roy and many of my twitter friends as well which literary enhanced my sense of social responsibility being a blogger....Special thanks to one of my close pal @anamus who brought this virus to my notice and could revoke the link immediately without much damage! :O

A range of automated tweets to follow a link had flown through my ID to my tweet followers! What the hell!! ( was my first reaction, second was to report it...the journalist in me still being alive!:P)

140 characters were not enough to say it all....this is all i could:
“ Its hurting 2 see d unethical utilization f social media..Its only a selective few who spoil d picture altogether..!!#socialmedia"

However this is just one story that filled me with disgust about the way social media is being handled...It is just a handful of rotten apples that spoil the whole basket as I always say...I remember having a debate over it just a few days back with some of my friends from Social Media...ending it saying that its not the platform but the people who are to be blamed....

I am sure most of know the tricks and the tales..( fake profiles, fake comments, fake links)..but the point is do we really need it...

“Social Networking is all about making real connections”...I remember Seth Godin declaring in one of his interviews. So why to paint the black label and do things that seem crappy when the world can be a better place.

Think of it and post your views ! (P.S Spammers don't take the pain :P)


aditi said...

It is certainly important that the ethics of social media is in constant check because of the bunch of spoilers who ruin the very essence of it! Well put yet again!! :)

tfiyj said...

One cant both have ethics and a society at the sametime. There, i said it.

Sourav said...

There are always two sides of every coin, social media is no exception!

Spammers have somehow always inspired, they work really hard at whatever they are doing. They bother more for the process than the end result. ofcourse who understands it better than you for now :p

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