Thursday, May 21, 2009

An Awaited reunion

Time:6.00 am venue-At Tani's place celebrating Naina's Birthday!

Downstairs a furry cat is licking away all its iridescent anxiety of being alive and here me and my friend are chatting over a cup of coffee on the terrace and are gliding away into the past as the soothing morning matures into a promising day.

4 o'clock had been the start for four venturing souls who had passed the night with giggles and unsparing sympathy for others who had heavy eyelids.Sleep doesn't will come every night.But such an occasion was worthy being spent sleepless.

When there are months spent in waiting for that one moment when smiles mingle with tears and emotions are welcomed through warm hugs and greetings for the ones with whom even a long distance seemed a mere crossroad and time seemed to slip away in a moment ,even the eyes refused to close.Smiles and cheers filled the air though hearts recapitulated those golden moments lost forever.It seemed strange that we the regular visitants of our college are now no more a part of it,but though time will reveal more unknown mysteries and unfold stories untold,we will remain a student in the eyes of our college.

As someone has rightly said 'Once a Xaverian always a Xaverian'.

The moments will pass but memories will be cherished.This surprise parties from the very beginning till the end will remain the same,as they have always been.

Yes!Remain ....Remain fonder in our hearts and grow deeper in our desires to recapture them.Perhaps we will fade away with our glory into what we would challengingly battle as lives,but the murmurs of this enchanting togetherness will creep in the darkest hours of recapitulation.Maybe late before too late.

Moving towards a journey to a life occupied with troubles and confusions from every corner,our childish heart finds its shelter only in the company of those who can provide the best possible solutions of our never ending questions.This is a life meant for love and friendship.

On this enchanting morning we just make a wish-May this bonding and attachment never go wrong.May around our friendship god make his invisible web which continues to bind us...NOW...FOREVER

This Figments may just seem mere verse to those who are not a part of it...But trust me its an anthem for those who have lived through it...I believe those who truly know or at any moment of life have gone through a mad, exiting, hilarious,painful but sweet journey called FRIENDSHIP will know what it feels to be far from them.This spontaneous figment of overflowing emotion is a tribute to all my friends who were,are and will always remain as an inseparable part of my life!THANK YOU ALL...!

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