Thursday, June 18, 2009


I had often wondered....WHAT IS TRUTH!!!
That what we see?That what we feel ?Or that which is projected?
As an individual I had always been complimented on my matured take on things and the way I handle them..Mostly exaggerated I suppose as I often act childishly which finally leads me to end up in tears..recollecting those gone forever.

Through this post I wish to discuss some of the confusions which have often crossed my mind. Time and again I have seeked answers to it from various reliable sources...but still no answer or debates seems to work out..and I'm left with that never ending nothingness.

This confusion gets enlarged the more we try to find out an answer to it. Its often told that believe what you see with your own eyes...but then why do we fall back on the emotions for support. If what our eyes see is the real fact then that which we see in the other persons eyes is merely our illusion?What is it supposed to mean then?

Are we wrong then when we love the person whom we think loves us?
Perhaps yes because what we think ,see and feel may not be the truth because thats what was chosen to be projected at that time and we failed to understand it. When we did, perhaps it was too late.
Perhaps no because it was my heart that led me to believe that what I saw and felt was right...”IT WERE THE ANGLES GUIDING ME TO MY PATH OF GLORY”..Alas angels are also misguiding this days it seems!

Well....!What goes wrong then-
Do we fail to see the right emotion ?Or do we fail to feel the right one?
-Maybe both ,maybe none. Who knows?

One fine day ,I received an interesting opinion which I would like to share-
“It depends on the circumstances basically and its a mixture of the three. What you see is the truth as the mind gets into action,what you feel is the truth because emotions come straight from heart and what is projected is for us to confirm our undivided thoughts.”
Well a little confusing isn't it?

Trust me the enigma still continues and I am often cheated by innocent looking faces whom I took to be heavenly souls. May be all of us have been through or are going through such emotional trauma. The end result of such disastrous communication is that we tend to lose our faith and belief in any further interactions.

Nevertheless every day is a new experience and taking them positively we learn about the behavioral characteristics of different people. Maybe gods wants to judge how wise we are by putting us into situations which become difficult to handle. We love ,we live,we cry ,we die.......but life continues.

When' TO BE OR NOT TO BE IS THE QUESTION' we prefer answering it by facing the situations....getting the results....and exulting or despairing in its achievements...Thats what life means I guess..!

I believe I may never get answers to the question -What is Truth? but Ill always prefer to be truthful and receive pains rather than being hypocrite for petty gains.


ETERNITY said...

"Whatever the eyes see and ears hear,mind believes.But truth never comes in front." Its been said by John Travolta in SWORDFISH.
My dear sweet friend is always in search for truth of life and what is the meaning of life.But you know it!seems unbelievable?No,dear!Life is like a book of never-ending mystery that gives different interpretations as you go through it's pages.You may say that a book contains a certain answer.But what about books of Philosophy?Does not it bring different meaning to different people?Even when we read a book any poem by W.Blake when we were in class five it seemed a "childish poem".But when we read it in college,didn't we get a completely different meaning?There is nothing called TRUTH.It is just inter-dependent interpretations of the incidents that we see and believe to be TRUTH.Is it confusing?It is just different aspects of understandings depending on the perspectives.Let me make it clear for you...SUN RISES IN THE EAST.MAN IS MORTAL.All these are "Universal Truth" right?But what if we see sun rising from Moon?What if a man travels in a spaceship that travels as fast as light(antimatter fuel may be!:]).All these so called "Universal Truth" will be FALSE then!!!
Beside all these heavy lecture I would like to ask you something...If there is really any SINGULAR or UNIVERSAL truth,would you really like to know it?Because the problem with Truth is it takes away the CHARM from life.Santa Clause does not exist.True,but did not our heart ached when we first knew that???So,let life has it's mysteries.It is the unknown,the search that keeps our life moving and interesting.

Saima Afreen said...

Sweetheart, truth is a relative term; the perception may differ from person to person which itself depends on many factors. This is a debatable issue and a separate one. what we are discussing over here is a different topic altogether. True, what we see isn’t always true for there are many things that belie that; reasons can be endless. People come and go in our lives like seasons leaving their marks on the beach of our minds; a few marks remain indelible like chiselled inscriptions on the marble walls of a palace while on the other hand a few other fade away with waves of Time only to be replaced by more beautiful designs chosen by Him; from each line, dot and curvaceous letter it’s we who have to weave tapestry of yarns – yarns of our joys that we choose for ourselves. Abstruse and intricate as it may sound but that’s how Nature prepares us to combat difficult times and understand people. Even the wildest blizzards gets defeated by the only light which doesn’t vanish is of a candle in our hands called Hope.

It was not for nothing that Emily Dickinson wrote:
“Hope is the thing with feathers
That perches in the soul,
And sings the tune without the words,
And never stops at all...”

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