Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Kolkata-A Modern City?

Down the memory lane when 5 yrs back I came to this city never thought that one day its modernity would be a question which would make me think...worse still...I would end up jotting down my experience in this blog.

Its said that money can buy everything...sorry i refute.Read this out and you too will...

Few days back few of us decided to shift from our long loved hostel to a proper flat.From north Kolkata to south Kolkata what differed was just the rates and the location...the mentality of people...No!!!It was the same all over.Sorry if I hurt the sentiments of many..but it was what we faced.

After hundreds of extensive search the one thing that was common was that for girls who are single there isn't a good house that exists.In order to stay in your dream home either stay with your family or get married.Wow what an idea sirjee...But not possible.Cannot uproot my family from their place just because I want to live in a proper flat...and getting married...forget it!

Note the criterion's of homeowners...and the reactions that followed!!!

No boyzz.... agreed my lord
No party....agreed
No girls.....what about friends?....OK agreed
Cant come late...what if Im in IT?
No family....You must be crazy!!!

The reason they projected was that they are responsible homeowners,neat at their dealing...did we ask them to be?Forget that you will be amazed to know that the neat dealers don't even give a proper rent receipt.

Why man...don't couples have guests or a family...we r renting it dammit not applying for a paying guest accommodation.What the f...!

Hearing the strange criteria of not allowing a family I suddenly remembered a film of Koel Mallick called "Bor asbe ekhuni" to which I could relate.In the film Koel faked Jishu as her husband in order to rent her dream flat which cannot be given otherwise to a girl who lived all alone.Sitting there and hearing them out all such crazy thoughts passed my mind.

Both me and my sis were not only pissed off but lost our old impression of Kolkata being a modern city with modern outlook...what crap.I guess its easy to find god rather than find a house to live in.

Well the search still continues..maybe we will find someone who has better sensibility.Please let me know if you know any of them!


ANUSHRI said...

very practical and true to the core. Ur article of ur inability to find a flat just coz u r single reminds me of an ex-Miss India contestant. I forget her name. She won the Miss India World Crown BUT HAD TO GIVE IT UP THE FOLLOWING DAY JUST BECAUSE SHE WAS FOUND OUT AS BEING ALREADY MARRIED- A DISCREDIT FOR MISS INDIA CONTESTANTS.The truth was that yes, she used to stAy with a man but the man wasn't her husband . She faked marriage to him due to the same problem as you have written. That too in a city of glitz n glamour-Mumbai.

Saima Afreen said...

This is a big problem for working girls. And who said Calcutta is a modern city. Give me a break. It's a city filled with the most conservative people who view a single girl living all by herself with a microscope and find myriads of faults in her bombarding her with stupid questions, sharing such concern as if they loved you more than your own parents. Crap! Huh! Even Bombay isn't spared - one of my friends who was working there with an MNC had to leave her apartment because of the millions of questions bombarded on her and we thought Bombay is a hep and modern city to live in!!!

DIP 09 said...

life is not that bad.... in this blog you are sounding too pessimistic...& not the real nina, the ultimate optimist

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