Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Love-Thou art a mystery

The glittering sun settled down the earth.
As the one deeply loved tread slowly apart...
...with broken promises and unfulfilled dreams
that made what they thought was ME!

Thy world is dark...thou claimed,
And forbade me not to be a part for thy sake,
for it meant the crucifixion of love at the death's altar
that would tear me to nothingness.

But was it not better that death doth us apart!
than live a life which was blank denied of thy existence?

...But thou never cared to listen to my prayers,
which began and ended at your shunted door.
The darkness inside hardly mattered I assure!!!
For thou were the light inside that I looked up to with faith unbound...

But thy silence still persists,
And it leaves me with not a second choice than to be thy shadow in the journey unknown...
for you can't be a part...and I can't depart,
For its destined to be so!!!

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Saima Afreen said...

Flow quietly the brooks of pain in the veins of Love as sanguine seas of unspoken promises getting sluiced on paper of Life drop by drop. The spectres of fear dancing on the wick of candles can’t frighten its colossal stature that rises majestically above the world of stars… Darkness is just another layer of the firmament for Love only to be dispelled by the effulgence of cosmic light that emanates from its dreamy eyes… Even myriads of such dark worlds can’t extinguish its radiance for it is eternal in nature and follows its reflection: the beloved in every adversary, every darkness, every despair… Life and Death are just transgressions of energy that flows from Heaven to Earth flitting in and out of its soul – an amalgamation of two bodies… The eternal facet of Love gleams forever even from its shadows left behind be it an autumn leaf, a dewdrop in sunlight or a broken symphony of sitar …

“Love is my religion
I could die for that
I could die for you…”
- John Keats

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