Tuesday, May 25, 2010

It’s all about AWESOMENESS!!!

*Dedicated to all the awesome people around me who believe in this AWESOMENESS :)

(The clock reads 7.45 am…My creative instinct suddenly popped up and this is the end result…though there is lot of work left and I hardly know what I am scribbling...but Google says it’s my blog...So go ahead!)

The interview was on…each one of us awaiting the fate that was destined. After qualifying the GD and written examination it was time for the HR round. My heartbeats doubled as my name was called out.

The hangover of 3 Idiots was still persisting…ALL IZZ WELL was my mantra! Somehow it seemed to work every time I needed to keep cool…Following the basic courtesy I took my seat…and then began the firing…of questions of course..One after another…For a second I felt facing bullet would be a better choice at this moment.

The guy sitting opposite to me (@doubts) was supposed to be my team leader. He readily stated some interesting stuffs about web, social networking and financial journalism…and asked me a few questions on them to which I gave some favorable reply...My eyes switched from his T-shirt theme that read “Innovative Minds at Work” to him.

His last question –
So Nabanita…10 years down the line where do you want to see yourself?
-I want to write a book Sir! I want to become an author.
-Awesome! I am sure you will do it!
And the never ending journey of awesomeness began!

I still remember my first week at office where I happened to write a good enough article…the praises were never-ending. And I realized that most of it was-“Awesome, great Job”...So this is a universal thing out here...Wow not bad! It was not that I did not know this word or did not use it. But somehow then it did not make sense as it did now. Work was never more fun…Fell in love with things that I used to run away from…

Made some really good friends who changed the concept of Friendship not @office... @dreamzdotcom @DBwrd @ coolbuddy16 @ sayoniroy @ basurai @srijanee @abhi4687 @Zeeshan112 @doubts @orchid_white @anirudhlohia @ arin2u…Thanks for being there people…the team rocks!!!


Weird and the Bold said...

Well I (@Dbwrd)am also a part of this "Awsomeeeness". My journey too began at this same place like @nabanita_roy almost 10 months back. I was also a fresher and trembling when I was selected for the final round of interview after three consecutive tests. I was told that the MD would be conducting and I already thought I would be screwed! Then came in @doubts. I thought he was the MD and was I tried to pretend that I was not nervous! But suddenly when he started speaking I was so much at ease. @doubts told me one thing that I still remember "I want smart workers than hard working people". And eventually all those smart working people came in like @dreamzdotcom, @basurai, @coolbuddy16, @sayoni, @srijanee and we all became friends. Along with @doubts @anirudhlohia complemented him and added a zest to our team spirit. We had some of the best times and life truly became what we call "Awwwwwsooomeee".....Thanks to all the awsoooome people....raising a toast to u all.......

jhikmik said...

'Awesome' has a whole new meaning for us now..I am super glad to b a part of such a rocking & awesome team..
I nvr had such an endearing TL as 'Doubts', I nvr believed 'ofice folks' cud also b 'friends'..Its cool 2 hang around with u guys..
Perceptions change..at least it did in my case..and am so glad that this team happened 2 me..

We rock guys..lets rock the world now..!!!

Kamanashish said...

Thats an awesome post on awesomeness. Life is all about being awesome - making little changes too add more s to awesomenessss...

BTW, did you start writing the book???

Maria Mcclain said...

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