Monday, July 6, 2009

Broken Dreams

"A Dream for thy poor soul
To which I would remain a pet
Would ensure a curve by the end of lips
Wipe the salt when eyes are wet
I promise...I promise....A promise this is!"

It was simple as a child's play when we said so.
Never thought the execution will break me though...
At this hour when my world revolves round thy soul
...You!Decide to leave!

Your very presence was my strength...I thought.
It made my heart leap with joy even now as I lay down with an insane smile.
And notorious glances all over the room,
With hair unmade.

Though in heart I realized,
That this heaven will not last long.
For thou will be soon gone,
To follow thy dreams in a place unknown.

A drop of tear fell,as I turned over,
And my lips wavered with feverish numbness.
To call thy name loud at this blissful hour,
...But no words came out.

I remained numb,shaken..silent as always.
For thou to leave with a smile.
Well!I have kept my promise!
Hope so do you...

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kathakali said...

Wonderfull and fantabulas!

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